Monday, April 25, 2011


So at some point this weekend I opened a bottle of Jäger.  I walked downstairs and started casually drinking redbull and Jäge............


twig light zone.

SO NOW I'M STILL IN MY CHAIR.  ON PLAYSTATION.  fallout New Vegas.  GOT A BEER.  2..  3... 4.....


i still have jager...............................................

I'm at my girlfriends house.  dying...  ahhhhhhh!
my gf likes jager.  

i stumble go to the kitchen to get water!


SHE has a tiny tiny bottle of jager sitting there 50ml.  AHHHH!!!
i can think of only one use for this.

baby's first jager

in the course of my research I came across something startling:

it turns out babies were way ahead of me:

I'll have to write an expose later.

All i could think of the next day was those jager adds...

try to enjoy your week after that

something even more alarming:


Friday, April 22, 2011

PSN out. So I bought the new fallout

I just got fallout new vegas because all my games are online... gah!  I'll write a review in a few days when I've played it a bit.  I'm also thinking about starting a series on assault rifles.  If there's anything in particular you guys wanna know about let me know, and I'll do some research.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mossberg 500

Since the post about my steyr did so well compared to my other crappy posts, heres another one about my shotgun, the mossberg 500.  I bought it from big 5 with a 18.5" Barrel and a 28" barrel with a modified choke.  Out the door it was about 300.  Excellent value.  I've never actually used the short barrel, so just be satisfied knowing it's there.

The long barrel is amazing.  I take this thing trap shooting every so often and it always performs amazingly.  One of my friends once shot a 24 out of 25 with it.  Its a very lightweight gun because of the synthetic stock,  so it swings well.  It does kick quite a bit but if you've shot a rifle before you can probably handle a 12ga target load out of this.  Slugs are a different story as are buck, but as a big guy I really don't mind too much.  It has a huge squishy butt plate that makes it nice and soft on the shoulder.

With slugs its pretty accurate, and with buck you get a nice spread, but I'm not a hunter so I don't really give a good goddamn about that.  Tons of mods are available for it to make it into whatever level of tactical shotgun you want.  I'm also not a paranoid gun nut so I have no interest in turning my delightful sporting arm into a destructive device, like dis:

Thanks for the readz

Monday, April 18, 2011


I went camping this week at don pedro reservoir.  That shit's tight.

Beautiful lake, but don't bother stopping at the island closest to the dam.  It is a goose nesting site and it's full of goose shit.  Not a pleasant place.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Steyr-Mannlicher M95/30

So today I’m going to review my rifle, the Steyr-Mannlicher M95/30.  It’s a beautiful bolt action rifle from WWI/II.  It has a straight pull bolt that makes rate of fire very high for a bolt action.  It also shoots pretty much straight.  I find that its more accurate than me at 100 yards.  And it shoots a pretty huge bullet the 8x56r  if you’re into hunting. 

Don’t buy it. 

“Why not?” you ask.  I’m getting to that part you impatient ass.  First, it needs clips to fill the magazine.  If you don’t buy clips, you can only fire it one shot at a time.  Also, the feeder is unreliable.  Most of the time when you pull the bolt back, it ejects a shell, and pushing it forward often does not actually load a new round.  Now remember that huge round, the 8x56r?  Yeah, its pretty much the only gun that takes it.  It's expensive and hard to find.  You can find hornandy ammo at cabelas, but for me that’s a 5 hour drive there.  You can buy surplus, but its all Nazi or Czech crap.  Not only is it “collectable,” or expensive, half of it doesn’t fire.  Yeah, and the original design for the gun was a much larger gun, with a smaller bullet.  It breaks itself a little bit every time you shoot it.

Original Gun:

So, to sum it up, only buy this if you just like the gun, the history (google it), or need a single shot, accurate and powerful hunting rifle.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

These Damn Kids

You wanna know what pisses me off?  These kids and their damn acronyms and abbrev, which from here on out will be called A and A for short.  Or even just AAA, wait... 

For those of you who don’t grasp my meaning I mean: Lol, omg, U, luv etc…

But what pisses me off even more is that people are bothered by it so much.  I consider this development an annoyance.  I know a few people who think this is going to be the end of the English language as we know it.  Omg.  All these kids know this shit.  They can communicate just fine with each other.  Isn’t that the point of language?  When people argue with me about this I remind them that the word knight was once pronouncet kuh nig hut.  Its called a language shift.  This is just a very rapid language shift due to the speed of communication.  They are making their language more efficient.

But Illzior, you say, what about poetry?  You are a dork for asking that question, and if I knew where you were I’d ride my Harley to your house and give you a wedgie.  If there’s something I hate more I haven’t found it (ooh, he’s foreshadowing.  Good one Sherlock.)  But it’s a valid point.  If these kids slim down their vocabulary too much they won’t have enough words for proper poetry.  Oh no!  The words still exist.  “Thou” is still a word.  No one is purging all our dictionaries of their poetic words.  Get over it.  Or maybe poetry could be more efficient:

U lol @ me cuz
 I luv enuf 4 2 ppl
so y u no want?