Sunday, July 17, 2011


so last nght i found brains all over my face and some dead people scattered around my house...  I believe it is time to start moving as I may no longer have control over the braaaaaiiiiinnnssssssss

Saturday, July 16, 2011


moments of consci vbbreaannssss ouhts briefly drift in and ouuurrrrgghhhhhh

vomiting ramen everywhere...  maybe rame breghizr uses the zombieeeeezzz


Friday, July 15, 2011


So its my second or third day of being a zombie...  Shuffling around all day like an unemployed drunk... wait a minute... maybe Tony Vaan Helsing has a point.

My first clue came when instead of eating brains I've been eating tuna helper.

The possibility of me being a zombie, albiet a relatively articulate one, still remains

Thursday, July 14, 2011


So I'm just kickin it here, and i've got nothing to do.

The xfiles is a pretty sick show.  It kinda reminds me of SVU, but kinda spooky.

I pretty much watched the whole series in a few days,

maybe I'm a zombie now, hard to tell

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AK 47's for everybody!!!

So, we all know the about the Automatic Kalashnikov.  Along with the M16 its pretty much one of the worlds best known rifles.

The most famous AK is of course the AK 47, which fires a 7.62x39 round.

There's also the AK74 which fires a 5.45x39.

Here's the two next to each other.  Due largely to call of duty people often assume that the 74 is physically significantly smaller than the 47.  This is of course a misconception, both guns come in a variety of sizes.  This is the AK74su from CoD:

The 74 was the Soviet response to the nato switch from 7.62x51 to 5.56x45.  The idea behind this was that the side that fires the most bullets usually wins.  If bullets are smaller, a soldier can carry much more of them.  A soldier with an AK47 carries 90 to 120 rounds.  One with a AK 74 could carry 150 or more.  Even though each round packs less of a punch, the sheer volume of them makes up for it.  Also a new thought is that smaller faster bullets are better at armor piercing.  Despite the existence of the 74, the 47 of course remains popular across the world.

Enjoy, more next time

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gin and Tonic... and otter pops

So today I am done with finals.  I proceed to have some gin and tonic.  My friends inform me that gin and tonic has more than gin and tonic in it.  This is unfortunate.  My drinks are warm.  They also taste like crap.  I put cold otter poops in my drinks.  Not only do they cold the drinks up, they also flavor them up to.  Highly recommended to those of you of legal drinking age.

So... Fallout.  Good guns mostly.  They often reflect real life in execution.  The .357 magnum can fire .38 ammo!  The 5.56mm can fire .223!

That being said the laser guns and carbines are poor.  The "service rifle" is a good AR15 replica, firing 5.56mm ammo, but the M4 (assault carbine) fires 5 mm ammo.  I'm sorry but if it looks like an M4 and it shoots like an M4...

10mm is questionable.  10mm is the 40 s & w for big people.  I really think the 10mm is an underdeloped round I would love to learn more about ( no disrespect, I would love to be proven wrong).  The 10mm SMG is an amazing gun though!\

Energy weapons:  Well... you all know that the plasma rifle is the ultimate choice in home defense, but a laser rifle is best for combat in open fields.  Make the choice that is best to you.

Guns in fallout are realistic.
They are not real.

Thank you for the great question Ke3user!